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Speed Demon Coverage on HotrodHotline.com
HotrodHotline.com10/23/2014, 12:57:20 MT
Le Roi Tex Smith
Got word couple weeks past that George Poteet got the ride of his life in the Ron Main and Poteet Speed Demon ultra-speed demon.  You know, just your average 400 mph grocery getterAs I got the word, driver George was in the third timed mile at Bonneville when the car got in a hiccup and ended up removing the body panels at well over 300 mph.
Speed Demon Crash Footage from Mike Cook's Shootout
FoxNews.com09/19/2014, 14:19:13 MT
The video and story of the crash made it to the home page on Fox News.
Speed Demon Status Report
09/15/2014, 16:56:04 MT
On the first run on the year on 9/12, Speed Demon got a little sideways and rolled several times near the 3-mile mark on the course. [This run was as part of what was supposed to be Mike Cook's Shootout, but was changed to a test and tune session with no official times due to standing water at the end of the long course and surface issues near the beginning.]
George walked away from the car and was taken by ambulance to Salt Lake City for observation. The data loggers showed the crash happened near 370 mph and the strength and integrity of the car/frame was simply amazing, given the forces the car saw during the crash. Everyone who participated in designing, fabricating and maintaining the car over the years can be proud of the fact that George walked away with only bumps and bruises.
George was grateful to everyone who has worked on the car over the years. The outpouring of support an concern was truly overwhelming. George is looking forward to bringing Speed Demon back to set new records in 2015.
Speed Demon Rolls in 3rd Mile on First Run
09/12/2014, 18:07:15 MT
The Speed Demon rolled on its first run during a test and tune session that was supposed to have been the Cook Shootout. Driver George Poteet got out of the vehicle on his own, but was transported to the hospital in Salt Lake for observation. We'll post more information as it is available.
Major Donation to "Save the Salt"
01/30/2014, 14:05:04 MT
Ron Main, of Team Speed Demon, helped present a check to the Save the Salt Foundation for $40,000 to fund salt replenishment in order to ensure land speed racing for years to come. The donation was generated from sales of the book - Bonneville: A Century of Speed, which was created by David Fetherston and Ron Main. 1/30/2014
David Fetherston and Ron Main present the $40,000 check for salt replenishment.
Speed Demon: 0 to 431 mph in 77 Seconds
11/13/2013, 17:39:07 MT
Check out this run from Speed Demon's 2013 campaign. You get to see four views of a run along with gear changes and mile speeds.
Speed Demon 2012 Bonneville Campaign Video
11/13/2013, 11:34:53 MT
Ron Kirby Productions created this really awesome overview of the 2012 Speed Demon Bonneville campaign. It's long, but worth it.
High-Speed Chase Through Streets of Ventura
KTLA 5 Morning News (Ventura, Calif.)09/09/2013, 14:15:38 MT
Sam Robinson KTLA Entertainment Reporter
Residents of Southern California just love waking up to sound of racing cars through the center of their towns.  At 5:00 AM this morning, the city of Ventura was awakened to the sound of screeching tires and sirens as Ron Main in the Poteet and Main race car roared through downtown Ventura on his way to Mike Cook’s Shootout at the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.  September 12-16
Speed Smashes Land Speed Record
Racecar Engineering09/09/2013, 14:12:42 MT
George Poteet and Ron Main’s Speed Demon has established a new land speed record for a piston engined wheel driven car. During Bonneville Speed Week the car hit 451.933 mph with Poteet at the wheel, setting a new combined record of 437.183 mph smashing the old record by 47.183 mph.
Mike Cook's Shootout Poster
09/09/2013, 14:10:41 MT
Only a few more days till Mike Cook's Bonneville Shootout! September 12-18.
Speed Demon in the USAC Spotlight
09/09/2013, 14:06:59 MT
Speed Demon was featured in an upcoming USAC ad.
Speed Demon Featured in New York Times Slide Show on Bonneville
The New York Times 08/21/2013, 18:05:30 MT
Andrew Hancock
Speed Demon Steals the Show on Speed Week’s Final Day
The Salt Lake Tribune 08/21/2013, 17:58:39 MT
Tom Wharton - August 19, 2013
Call Speed Demon the little car that can. The California-based streamliner owned by George Poteet and Ron Main might not run as big an engine as its competitors, but it now can claim to have recorded the fastest piston-driven car time in the 65-year history of the Southern California Timing Association’s Bonneville Nationals, an outing known as Speed Week.
Great Article About Our 2013 SpeedWeek
HotRod.com08/20/2013, 10:29:03 MT
Diego Rosenburg
A few days ago, intrepid HOT ROD staffer Elana Scherr reported from Bonneville that Poteet & Main’s Speed Demon ran an incredible 30th pass going over 400 mph. Now we have word from Elana that Speed Demon has achieved another personal landmark – see the time ticket and understand the team is gloating from ear to ear.
Speed Demon Takes the Hot Rod Trophy
08/16/2013, 22:57:35 MT
Speed Demon pushed their record for the world's fastest piston engine wheel drive car to 451.933 mph and set a new record for C/BFS at 437.183. The old record was 390 mph.
Team owners Ron Main (left) and George Poteet hoist the Hot Rod Trophy for the 5th consecutive year.
The trophy, the car and the entire team
All of this accomplished under engine great Kenny Duttweiler!
Speed Demon Takes Hot Rod Trophy Again for 2013
08/16/2013, 22:05:35 MT
Chris Raschke - ARP
OFFICIAL NEW RECORD FOR CLASS C/BFS IS NOW 437.183! The old record was 390 mph.
Ticket from run one of the record run - 8/15/13
Ticket from Run two of the record run - 8/16/13
A New Record! 451 out the Back
08/16/2013, 08:40:40 MT
Chris Raschke - ARP
Speed Demon just set the highest record ever for a Speed Week. We'll know the exact record shortly, after we go through tech.
Just after the record run
Me with George Poteet - master of the over 400 run.
Members of the Speed Demon team after the record run: (l-r) Kristoph Raschke, George Poteet and Chris Raschke
Getting the day started...
08/16/2013, 07:36:34 MT
Chris Raschke - ARP
Onto the salt before sunrise
driving onto the salt
setting up in the grey dawn
ready to check everything one last time before the record attempt
Speed Demon Article on Bangshift
08/15/2013, 18:29:58 MT
Chad Reynolds
Update: Speed Demon Just Ran 448 MPH! The Streamliner Battle Is Looking Bleak For Others
UPDATE Thursday August 15th, 2013: 9:41 am Mountain Time  SPEED DEMON JUST RAN436 MILES PER HOUR IN THE 5TH MILE WITH AN EXIT SPEED OF 448 MPH!  With that run, the team will surely return to impound and do routine maintenance on the car and take the rest of the day off to prepare for a record return run tomorrow morning, if the engine is one piece. If not, they would only be allowed 4 hours of repair time today in impound and one hour in the morning. We will keep you posted with more as we get it.
Record Run Attempt 8/16 AM
08/15/2013, 14:15:10 MT
Chris Raschke - ARP
Speed Demon is in impound awaiting the record run attempt tomorrow morning. The engine seems to be in good shape, but one of the rear tires didn't fair so well.
Looks pretty lonely.
The first hint that something was wrong.
The carnage. (Yes, those are ARP wheels studs and nuts holding the wheels for these 500+ mph rated tires.)
Speed Demon just ran a 448 out the back. Headed to impound.
08/15/2013, 09:33:00 MT
deciding whether to try and back it up later today or tomorrow morning
here's the timeslip
Another Day, Another Attempt
08/14/2013, 14:45:34 MT
Ready to push off with the big engine.
Engine Change Last Night
08/14/2013, 20:19:18 MT
Chris Raschke - ARP
Hoping for more speed with a new bullet in the chamber.
6:30 pm
7:20 pm
A 432 - Not Good Enough
08/13/2013, 17:40:34 MT
Chris Raschke
Did a pass at 432, but it would have been a small increase over our existing record. We skipped impound and are going to try another run with new settings to push the record higher. We'll try and get this run in before we lose light today.
Cockpit Video from One of Today's Runs
08/13/2013, 15:11:30 MT
Speed Demon Sponsors

Every year, we begin working immediately after the last run to improve the car based on what we have learned. Without the tireless efforts and material support of these sponsors, we would not be able to go out each year with the prospect of bettering our speeds from the previous year.

You can show your appreciation to our sponsors by buying and using their ”Speed Demon tested and appoved“ products in your machine.

Thank You

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Save the Salt!
Save the Bonneville Salt Flats

The Speed Demon team is working to save the Bonneville Salt Flats, which are being depleted each year and are dangerously thin in spots. We have created this program to help with the fundraising.

Gold Level Sponsor

For a $3,000.00 donation a donor will receive the Gold Level Award. The streamliner is hand cast in metal, hand polished, finished and electroplated in real “24 Karat gold.” There is no resin used in this high quality award. These are the real thing. Worthy of a trophy collectors case.

Silver and Bronze Level Sponsors

Donations can also be made at the $2,000 Silver Level and receive the hand cast streamliner in silver. Or, the $1,000 Bronze Level and the receive the hand cast streamliner in Bronze.

Please contact me directly regarding your sponsorship via email at rmain@canogarebar.com or +1 (818) 998-7848.

Best regards,

Ron Main

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